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Interesting game. Only thing I didnt realy like was the freezing when encountering a random bit of text. Second was wandering around waiting to be released from the room. Im not sure what the trigger is but it isnt clear to me what I had to do. Other than that not a bad game for being made in 6 days. Well done regardless of my issues.

Thank you for giving it a try and I appreciate the comments!

Very intense subject, especially given the times we are living right now. 

The only thing I will say is that some of the puzzles are hard, and make little to no sense. Gotta guess it willy-nilly. But otherwise still cool to play!

Hope you guys enjoy this game as much as I did. :D

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

Thank you for playing it and I appreciate you taking the time and giving it a try and posting a comment.

Of course! My pleasure to do so! :)

how to fix the DX12 is not supported on your system.Try running without the -dx12 or -d3d12 command line argument error ?

Hello as I know there is no way to run it without dx12 for now. I will make a dx11 version.

Thank you for replying ! Good Job !

The puzzles are insane hahaha... I played for 50 minutes trying to understand everything.. it was difficult (not actually complaining) but 2 of the puzzles I solved by "mistake" or just "pure luck".. I have no idea how I was supposed to do it.. honestly.  I spent like 20 minutes just trying to find a way out of the first room, I checked the painting twice before it actually worked. That sucked!!! I was about to rage quit the game when I clicked on it a second time, and then it worked!

The game is VERY GOOD.... I liked it... but maybe make some small changes so the puzzles are more logical to solve. Thank you for working on this and sharing your creation with us! keep it up!

Here's my gameplay (edited to 24 minutes haha).


Thank you very much for playing my friend. I will definitely improve on it and thank you for taking the time to write a comment and upload a video

I have to be honest, it's an amazing message you conveyed in the game. But the puzzles and game mechanics are a little much if that's the right way of wording it

Really took me out of the immersion :/

Thank you for playing it! I see what you mean on that part and I will try rethink the puzzle as some people has really enjoyed it and others such yourself took the other side of where it kinda took them out of feeling of the game.

Your feedback is valuable and I really appreciate your kindness for leaving a comment and taking the time to do that.

Any future update plan? When is next update?

Next update is coming next month with some fixes , added puzzles and story.

for some reason it doanloads for me as a file and when i open it,it opens as a

Please download 7zip and unzipped it with it.

7zip is free compression program that you can get it from thier website.

Gave it a go...

Thank you!

I wasn't expecting this to be an escape room game, even though you said that there will be puzzles lol. But I actually enjoyed it, and was surprised that my video has as many views as it does.😅


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for giving it a try my friend


No problem, thanks for creating it!😁

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Played this game in my video! Will admit, got a bit salty, but figured you'd like to see the feature. (Despite the saltiness, I do appreciate the attempted message you tried to provide through the game)

(you start around 5:57)

thanks for playing man! It's small game I made in 6 days so not expecting everyone to like it as I had to cut corners alot but I'm appreciate you giving it the time and patience.

It was fun, I liked the puzzles even though I solved a couple of them accidentally. The atmosphere was creepy, I thought something was gonna jump out at any time.

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for playing

Fun little game, some of the puzzles gave me pause for a few minutes. Couple of spelling mistakes though if you're bothered about that kind of thing.

Thank you very much for playing!

Am I just silly or how the heck do I install? I got the file on my computer but it wont open.

Just extract the files and run the exe. If you don't have 7zip. Install it from thier website it's free.

well I tried but couldnt get out of that first door

look up the other comments ! There is plenty of people who  did videos and went and played the whole game .

Really nice game, the last puzzle got me.

Thank you very much for playing!

Well made little game, very to the point considering the times. I didn't come across any bugs or glitches, although I did get stuck on the piano as I thought the numbers corresponded to complex music theory and was hitting the wrong thing :D 

For 6 days work, this is brilliant, really enjoyed playing!

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thank you very much for playing it ! Maybe I should do another piano puzzle but way complex 😂

Nice game. I liked it. 

Thank you very much for playing!


Had some issues with the doors, but that was version 1.03. Other than that, a good project, even though there are NPCs you get this feeling of being a so alone...


Thank you for playing! Try version 1.04 it's much better.

The game really has parallels to the current situation. But ignoring that, game was well made and animates well. I would suggest rethinking some item placements (mainly the paper and the non puzzle pipe). But besides that, nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you very much! I will rethink those and updates soon!

Really well made game! I can tell a lot of time and effort went into making it. Some spelling and grammatical errors, but that can be overlooked. Great job!


thank you very much! Yeah the grammar is definitely getting fixed I really had no time to fix it at all due to short time I had making this game.

No worries! The solid gameplay makes up for it tenfold :D

Crashes on launch.

Can you tell me a bit more? What version?

What's the error? Because I've seen plenty of people playing in YouTube with no issues so I'm wondering what can cause it

1.04, I don't know what the error code was because it shut down before I got the chance to read the whole thing. I did tell it to send an error report, though.

would you mind sharing your PC specs?  You can share it in discord

Does other unreal engine games work for you?

everyone needs to play this game cuz it will help people understand that you can destroy the world over a cough

thank you for taking the time to play it!.

Definitely a puzzle to get through. Had fun playing it. Still some minor bugs to fix but it was a good story teller and embarks the current situation we are facing.

Thank you very much for playing it and definitely fixing those bugs.

Loved this game, Puzzle were quite good!

Thank you very much! I will add more things and extend it .

Almost finished it all the way, but failed at the end. Accidentally reset our game, ahhh.

Thank you for playing!

This game really makes you think

Thank you very much man!

Its a great game, keep up the good work

I will definitely and I will improve it as much as I can 


Small , short game and good graphics.

Hi there, the stylish ionprime here has to say great game and was happy to solve all your puzzles. nicely done, nice story and atmosphere. short sweet and to the point. Here is my play/walkthrough on all puzzles as well as my thoughts on this game 


thank you very much for playing it! I'm glad you liked it and will definitely add more things to it.

I'm playing with 1.03 version there are few bugs

Number 7 is not on the stairs is it bug?

and I solved statue puzzle but the next door won't open

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I will check! I've changed the statue puzzle solution so If you are using the old solution it won't work.

its seem there is a bug with door. I've made sure its fixed in 1.04.

Interesting game. My main gripe was the piano puzzle. The clues are a bit abstract but I was able to figure them out in the end. Starts at 6:59!

I think I also played before the update so please keep that in mind lol

thank you very much for trying it!

Finished with both endings! Thanks for the game!
I kind of guessed the piano puzzle and the rotating globe pin one but overall enjoyed the game. Also confused why the wooden carved statues had South being pointing forwards etc. 

Hello! Thank you so much for playing! In the update 1.03 I've updated the hints and changed the puzzle a bit. Thank you so much for playing.

For some reason the pipe wouldn't work but the puzzles were really cool and well made. 

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Thank you so much for trying my friend! So the last piece for the pipe the is by the goose (you walked by it twice in the video

Ok, thank you so much!

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First screen load game does not work

While playing esc -> change quality does not work

Can go through blocked stairs by ctrl+space

please fix!

Got it! Thank you for the feedback

For saying to was made in a few days very good work was pretty difficult too, never want it to be to easy great work.

Thank you very much! I will definitely improve some points and thanks for pointing them out.

Great work mate

Thank you very much.

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Interesting game, I got through it but I had some problems with it that should definitely be fixed.


Hello! Definitely I will fix these issues you have mentioned (the light one is interesting I haven't seen it will others) and definitely English as English isn't my first language so I was rushing it.  Thank you for playing and I will fix all these issues.

I couldnt figure out the door code but I'm willing to get back in and try again. Well made game by the way!

You can find it by the stairs (it's 2740)

(2 edits)

Also on the locked door there is a lock key by door handle that you have to inspect

ok thank you, I knew the numbers meant something lol

lol! I will try to improve the hints a bit and maybe have some light to highlight the lock or create a highlight system.


Here is the Full Gameplay of this game hope you like it. 

Awesome 👍! Thank you!

That was really challenging but as always GN beat this game also :)) Video will be up soon ;) 

Thank you so much for the support! Please let me know when it's up!

great looking game. Couldent solve the piano tho

(1 edit)

Check the statue in the same room ! Alot of people has solved i.t  hint: Play the very first note on the piano then skip one note and play the next two.

 I will improve the hints .

yea just saw a 02 and a 3 :) that dident help me much, But thanks

No worries...I will improve it 

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If you hit escape a menu will show up within change quality option which will adjust to you pc specs.

I will add an update that does that automatically .

new Updated added ! thank you for the feedback

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